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There are several key aspects when thinking about the design of a home, and among them is lighting. From our Architecture and Interior Design studio in Jávea, Costa Blanca, we take care of new constructions, comprehensive renovations and interior design of homes, luxury villas, offices and commercial premises, and in all these aspects, light plays a vital role.

Light is life, something necessary. Your home needs a perfect harmony between natural light and artificial light, and we take care of that in our Architecture and Interior Design projects.

A correct use of lighting renews the energy of the place, gives stability and a perfect harmony in the environment. It allows us to enhance the most important characteristics of our rooms and to direct our gaze towards those areas that we want to highlight.

Have you ever walked into a room and realized how good it feels to be in it? Some rooms seem to have a relaxing atmosphere and really make you enjoy the space. Each room in your home requires a different level of light, this light depends mainly on your taste, but with us you can obtain a perfect result, combining your preferences with our great experience.

When talking about lighting, we must distinguish four types:

Natural lighting: perhaps the most important type of light. Natural light is a fundamental part of bringing interiors to life. The size and orientation of the windows play a key role in ensuring maximum light in a space. We must take advantage of all the natural light that we can, and with the choice of the right furniture and colors, we can enhance it and achieve that perfect harmony of the space.

General lighting: this light could be considered the functional light of the home, a light that helps us keep the space illuminated, such as ceiling or wall light.

Spot lighting: this type of light is designed to illuminate specific points, such as the living room table, a reading area, a desk ... This type of light avoids tension and helps with the performance of daily activities, since it is very important to find a light that helps us carry our life forward, with everything it requires.

Decorative lighting: although it seems less important, it is what makes the difference in a home. Some types of lighting can be a work of art in themselves. This light can be used to highlight an object or some detail, such as a painting or some decorative element, and make a special and unique room.

The four types serve as decoration, and it is very important that they are in balance if they are combined in the same space. Lamps usually have characteristics that make them unique, but in turn the materials and shapes in which they are made belong to one of the decorative styles. When choosing a decorative style for our lighting, we must take into account the aesthetics of the room, so that it fits perfectly with the decoration, an aspect that we study in our decoration and interior design projects.

At the level of energy saving, we attach importance to choosing the right bulb, thus contributing to reduced energy consumption and improvement in energy efficiency.

If you have doubts when choosing the type of lighting for your home (work space or business) you can always turn to a professional to help you. It goes without saying that Hoffmann Wehr Architecture & Interior Design can advise and help you, always taking into account your tastes and preferences.

We will be happy to do so, surely, together, we manage to design the space of your dreams and make you feel comfortable at home.

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