Our studio

The studio HOFFMANN | WEHR has been the result of the close collaboration of the architect Ulrike Wehr and and the economist and interior designer Anja Hoffmann.

To our clients we offer the services Architecture – Interior Design and Building Project Management.

Our studio is based on the Spanish Mediterranean coast (Jávea) and we work with an international clientele on the most various projects. Those include high quality private homes, unique residential projects as well as commercial and public projects.

A completely individualized customer service emphasises our work, which means working for, advising and accompanying the customer in all the project phases with high seriousness, professionalism and efficiency.

Our philosophy is based on the creation of personalized (living) space, custom-made to the desires and requirements of its inhabitants and users with the aim to establish their wellbeing living or using this space; we develop architecture and design with soul.

HOFFMANN | WEHR  Our story

Anja Hoffmann

Anja Hoffmann

Born 1967 in Germany | Academic studies and degree in Economy  (Fachhochschule Trier, Germany) | Formation in Interior Design (KLC London) | Master in Building Project Management (University Alicante) | 1994 – 2002 CEO in the Promotion & Real Estate company Hoffmann International | Since 2003 her own studio Anja Hoffmann Project Management & Interior Design – from this follows the Studio Hoffmann|Wehr

2012 Co-Founder of Habitat50plus – Strategies, consultancy and project planning for new types of  “Housing at advanced age”.

Anja Hoffmann is member of the British Institute of Interior Design (BIID) and she speaks German, Spanish, English and French.

"With creativity, direct and focussed I realize your project with experience, knowledge and enthusiasm. Let us complete your project!"


Ulrike Wehr

Ulrike Wehr

Born 1972 in Germany | Academic studies and degree in Architecture ( Fachhochschule Darmstadt, Germany) | Registered at the Chamber of German architects in 2000 | Activity as architect with Fischer & Fischer and as Junior Real Estate Valuation Manager with AXA Investment Managers Deutschland GmbH, Germany| Since 2005 activity as architect in the “Comunidad” Valencia, Spain

2012 Co-Founder of Habitat50plus– Strategies, consultancy and project planning for new types of “Housing at advanced age”.

Ulrike Wehr is registered at the official chamber of architects for the "Comunidad"  Valencia (COACV) and she speaks German, Spanish and English.

"To listen, catch and transform the clients' wishes, creative competence and experience as well as enthusiasm are some of my qualities in the succesful realisation of our projects. I fancy knowing your project!"