Advice how to improve the comfort and energy cost of your home
June 2020

Advice how to improve the comfort and energy cost of your home

In the homes in our Mediterranean area of ​​the Costa Blanca - such as in Jávea, Denia, Altea or Benissa - it happens many times that we suffer from heat in summer and high humidity and cold in our home in winter.

If we think about improving the energy efficiency of our home, within a partly or complete refurbishment of the property, we have mainly three advantages by doing an energy reform:

- Improvement of comfort and well-being for the user:

  • Comfort temperature
  • Elimination of condensation and mold

- Reduction of the energy bill

- CO2 emission reduction

In the case of a reform of a single-family detached house or a house between party walls, we work on the surfaces that are in contact with the air (facades and roofs) and the elements in contact with the ground (floors).

Starting with the floor, the house can be improved with the placement of thermal insulation that we can combine at the same time with a radiant floor system.

Housing façades in the Mediterranean area have two possibilities to improve energy efficiency: on the one hand, a SATE system can be applied on the exterior of the façade. With this system, thermal bridges are canceled on the slab fronts and windows.

If for urban or technical reasons the insulation cannot be carried out on the exterior and we have a “double-leaf facade”, we choose an insulation that is insufflated in the air chamber. There are different materials that can be applied depending on the specific requirements of each project.

Equally important is the replacement of old windows: based on the architectural concept and urban regulations, a new exterior carpentry with low thermal transmittance glazing is chosen.

With façade interventions we improve not only thermal insulation, but also acoustic insulation and safety - just as important for our well-being in the home.

The installation of mechanical ventilation through facades or carpentry guarantees the renewal of air, even if we are not living in the house at some time of the year.

Finally, it is important that we do not forget the “fifth façade”: through poorly insulated roofs, energy losses can be around 25%.

If you intervene in the roof, replacing tiles and improving the waterproofing, it is convenient to place an insulation under the tiles. If this is not possible, insulation is carried out under the floor of the house, always taking care of the vapor barrier to avoid condensation.

With each intervention we also review the energy efficiency of the facilities and how they can be improved to reduce energy consumption and the CO2 footprint.

Aside from the three initial advantages for the home user (improving comfort, reducing the energy bill and reducing CO2 emissions), with the energy rehabilitation, a better positioning is also clearly achieved in reselling the housing, since it offers better benefits than other homes in the real estate market.

If you want to see the result of a complete energy refurbishment of a home, take a look at one of our projects:

Refurbishment of a detached villa near Denia

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