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If you take the decision to make changes to your house or to remodel your apartment, the question is: small, medium or large remodeling?

A specialty in our architecture and interior design projects on the Costa Blanca, nationally or in the Balearic Islands is the reform and rehabilitation of any type of building.

We distinguish between these three indicated types in order to check with which intervention and with what budget a satisfactory change can be made.

A small renovation: With a small renovation you can modernize your house at reduced costs, reorganize the rooms, update existing furniture with a special piece of furniture and decorations as well as new carpets that cover an old flooring. We attach great importance to the color of the walls in every room.

Lighting also plays an important role: We can replace e.g. the typical ceiling lights with lighting that gives the room a new atmosphere. With detail we work out our lighting projects.

A medium-sized renovation: Here we update essential parts of your house to give your home a new look. For example, we replace old doors and cupboards with new ones, we change the kitchen fronts and work surfaces and thus already get a new impression of our apartment.

It is advisable to work on the subject of floors as part of a medium-sized renovation: The floor covering is the main element on which every decorative and furniture element will be placed in the future. The house can be completely equipped with modern large format tiles for a modern ambience or with wooden or laminate floors to give it a cozy and comfortable look.

You can see it in one of our projects.

And in the end, an integral renovation and refurbishment offers us all possibilities, whereby we always adapt to the planned budget: We change the layout of the house to adapt it to your current needs, and gain in comfort and convenience. Narrow spaces open up to wide, flowing spaces.

With the comprehensive reform, the materials and surfaces are also updated - by its floors, tiles, doors, cupboards, curtains to create a harmonious ambient for your home.

We also have the possibility to create new rooms with an extension of the house. Although you need a building permit, it can be worth it: We use it to create new interior and exterior spaces: with a spacious new dining room, for example, you create a large living room with a large terrace that now links the two rooms together; or with an extension of a studio - office you allow yourself a comfortable home office on the Costa Blanca.

Likewise, the energy efficiency of the house can be improved: either with insulation blown into the air chamber of the facade, with insulation of the roof or with the replacement of old windows, whereby a new aesthetic is chosen while saving energy bills and improving the Comfort and well-being of the resident.

What remodeling are you thinking of? Tell us your ideas for your project.

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