Comprehensive refurbishment of a townhouse in Javeas’ old town

The project

Comprehensive refurbishment of the interior and exterior of a townhouse – in the protected area of Javeas’ old town: architectural project, interior design and construction management

Our clients got in touch with our architecture and interior design studio in Jávea on the Costa Blanca because we have extensive experience and knowledge in comprehensive home renovation.

The house, a property of the family of our clients - before the intervention - was in a state that required a comprehensive refurbishment, cleaning up damp and carrying out structural reinforcements.

Main objective was to transform the house into a comfortable, updated, modern and contemporary home, but always preserving and maintaining its essence with traditional elements; and perfectly integrated into its surroundings in the old town of Jávea.

We used typical materials of the area such as Tosca stone, natural stone, wooden beams, iron and both in the facade and in the interiors we combined these materials with modern elements such as glass, smooth white lacquered DM doors, clear lines on modern walls and toilets.

An integral intervention was necessary in terms of waterproofing and insulation of the house that was affected by humidity problems. To solve these problems, we prescribed comprehensive Kerakoll systems for the remediation of dampness.

Throughout the project we had to take into account the special regulations that are valid for protected heritage in Jávea and prepare the documentation of the refurbishment project in compliance with it.

We intervened in the exterior and interior carpentry of the house that were renewed under the efficiency, comfort and safety aspects. In our interior design studio we designed a new kitchen based on the wishes of the clients with their corresponding materials and touches, integrating modern appliances.

All the facilities such as electricity, plumbing, heating system and air conditioning of the house were renovated. With comprehensive interventions we considerably improved the energy efficiency of the home.

Comparing the photos before and after the intervention, our clients are very happy with the result and feel very comfortable in their new home.