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The 6 summer furnishing and architecture trends for your home.

It's time to start thinking about summer decorations for your home, office or commercial space. We are happy to give you, as interior designers and architects, tips and advice.

It is always a good idea to redecorate your home and give it a new look. With the help of our interior design and architecture studio in Jávea, Costa Blanca, you can achieve the summer home of your dreams thanks to the comprehensive interior design and renovation service we offer. Natural materials, simple lines and relaxed decoration are some of the SUMMER TRENDS of this year 2021.

We will not only talk about decoration, but also somewhat more technically about architecture and building trends that will help you create a summer house in the Mediterranean and energy-saving style on the Costa Blanca, the Balearic Islands or in international projects.



In the last few years, open spaces have gained in importance and interest. Both in offices and at home, the brightness of the rooms has become one of the most valued properties of all of us when we are choosing a room - especially in summer when there are more hours of light that we want to use.

With the opening of the rooms, a spatial flow, a stronger connection between the rooms and a better use of natural light is achieved; a feeling of generosity and a connection between the interior and exterior space is achieved.

We create this feeling of generosity in our office for our customers' projects by opening walls and using large windows, balconies or courtyards that visually communicate with each other inside and outside; always with high-quality materials, both in new buildings and in the case of integral or partial renovations of your house.



Sustainability is a trend now and in the future and one of the most important aspects in our architecture and decoration projects. For ecological as well as economic reasons, homebuyers nowadays place much more value on investments in the field of sustainable construction.

Older houses have been shown to have significant shortcomings in terms of comfort, habitability and energy consumption. In our office we offer you various renovation measures and options that enable you to adapt your property to your current requirements.



The kitchen has developed into a meeting place for the whole family in recent years. For this reason, they will not only be expanded in 2021, but will also be fully integrated into other rooms in the house such as the living room or dining room. This concept creates a warmer and more familiar feeling in the rooms. This is exactly what our studio is expert in.

The kitchens are transformed into completely open spaces with an increasingly frequent use of the central islands, with careful decoration and quality materials, where you can meet for lunch and dinner with family or friends in the summer ... accompanied by a Mediterranean dinner and a good wine, why not?

The functionality, quality and aesthetic design of this room increases our well-being.



 The bathroom is becoming the holy grail of relaxation in our home. How can this be achieved? Soft light, pastel tones and accessories made from natural materials such as wood or natural stone in gray or beige tones.

A washbasin or a surface made of natural stone marks a before and after in our bathroom and perfectly combines functionality and design. Playing with the color of the wall or floor tiles are details that our customers should consider in order to set trends and surprise their guests.



In summer 2021, white will be the protagonist of home decor, hand in hand with soft gray, similar to the tone of cement.

Flower prints are a thing of the past. It is important that there are eye-catching colors in summer decorations, but not just flowery patterns.

The subtle details in other shades, such as a green or blue upholstered sofa, give the whole thing character and do not appear so monochrome. For several seasons, the dark blue color of marine inspiration, also known as the new black, has been and will remain a trend to follow this season.

In terms of sustainability, the use of natural paints (based on lime, silicate, clay or vegetable), without harmful chemical elements, is more durable and more resistant to moisture and pollution.



The use of recycled or natural materials with a low ecological impact: stone, brick or metal are the star elements, but the main protagonist is again wood, especially in light tones such as bamboo or oak, which give the home summery warmth all year round. Tables, chairs, and even wooden sofas are fabulous and will make your home look fresh.

We still miss contact with nature, which is why we want more and more plants, trees and even gardens in the rooms and interior spaces of the house. Don't forget a corner of the house; plants are always welcome, especially those with large leaves and tropical origins. Find the perfect plant for any room (without turning it into a jungle) in the living room, bedroom, bathroom or kitchen.


We invite you to contact our architecture and interior design studio in Jávea on the Costa Blanca to learn more about these trends and to find the balance between your lifestyle and this year's summer trends. You can be fashionable and combine it with your individual style.

Our experienced professionals in the field of architecture and interior design accompany you from the initial development and management of the project to the turnkey handover of your new home.


Do not hesitate to contact us! It’s a pleasure for us to help to develop your project.