« BackThe creative process our in our architecture and interior design projects

Today we are talking about the importance of the creative process in your project.

The creative process accompanies each of our architecture and interior design projects from the beginning to the end of the project.

If you as a customer come up with your idea of ​​converting your house, apartment or business space or building a new one, we start the creative process in our office for architecture and interior design located in Jávea.

We understand the creative process at the beginning of your project as one of the most important steps, since the first concept forms the basis for all further steps in the development of the project.

We listen to your wishes and we put ourselves in your position to develop your project:

Which architecture and interior design style is the right one for you?

How can you achieve well-being in your home or in your spaces you are working? Which orientation should the rooms have, how can rooms be adapted regarding high energy efficiency?

How can your company branding be transferred to your new business spaces? What needs for the distribution of the space, the workflow and the well-being of your employees and customers does your new office or business have?

We transform these and many other questions into suggestions for the first concept, the preliminary project, which we examine regarding your requirements and go through with you in our meetings.

If we have found the right architecture and interior design for your project together with you, the next steps will follow, such as: the basic project to ask for and the execution project. In every phase we work with creativity and experience on the space-forming elements, materials, textures and colors of your project.

In our site control and project management, we are dedicated to achieve the goals that we have set with you throughout the process.

Each project is a journey with the customer – beginning with the first meeting and ending up with the detailed completion of the project.

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