Corporate interior design in the company
December 2021

Corporate interior design in the company

If you want to open a new business or need to give your business premises a makeover, you've come to the right place. At Hoffmann Wehr we can help you to make your business project a success thanks to the contribution of a good interior design.

Thanks to our multidisciplinary team, we are able to offer you a comprehensive service that includes the development of the idea, the design and selection of materials, the processing of all the necessary documentation, the execution of the works and the decoration of all the spaces.

Whether your business is a restaurant, a hotel, an office or commercial premises, the organisation of the space and the interior design will determine the success of a large part of your business. That is why Hoffmann Wehr, our architecture and interior design studio located in Jávea, Costa Blanca, is willing to help you in this decision and give you all the necessary advice to make it happen, whether it is a complete work or a partial reform, with our great experience in the sector we will be able to help you with your project.


Do you know the importance of corporate interior design?  When a client visits us, everything counts when it comes to generating an opinion. The attention we give them, the image we transmit, and that is where we need to implant the value and the message we want to transmit in our facilities or shops.

Corporate interior design aims to create spaces that reflect and communicate a brand that is given by its corporate identity, values, shapes, personality and colours. A good interior design approach that communicates the values and identity of a brand will create the ideal corporate interior space.

But why is corporate interior design so important? Nowadays there is fierce competition and companies need to strive to innovate and stand out from the crowd. Through the design of a space, the client experiences the brand and receives the message that the brand wants to give. For this reason, corporate interior design acquires a fundamental importance, creating an intangible added value to the company, that of differentiation.

The commercial premises are the biggest and most decisive point of contact between the client and the brand. The opinion they form of you will depend, in part, on that first impression. That is why it is so important to adapt the image to our company philosophy. So, by giving a personalised decoration to our space, we are creating our own brand, transmitting our values, the personality of our business and, furthermore, differentiating ourselves from the competition.


At Hoffmann Wehr, we help you to carry out a market study to find out what strategies to use in your interior design and to obtain a great advantage over the competition, creating a unique image, out of the ordinary, but always focused on your customers and market niche. In addition to the distribution and the selection of style, you have to play with lighting and colours in a way that is attractive and allows you to get more customers.

Lighting is an essential part of any commercial environment. It is one of the main factors responsible for creating a pleasant atmosphere in all kinds of spaces. In the same way, you also have to take care of the way in which the various light sources are divided, with the aim of offering more personalised experiences for your product.

Colours and materials are the other fundamental part of good commercial interior design. Colour will be an essential subject of study when designing the commercial space or brand identity. Each colour has a different meaning that can influence the emotions and experiences of the consumer and therefore sales. The meaning of colours changes according to the culture you are in. This should be taken into account when designing the corporate interior design project.

As far as materials are concerned, each has its own functions. Wood, metal and marble are the most commonly used. The choice of these will depend on the image we want to give and the product we offer.

The arrangement of the space will depend on the typology of each business, so the best thing to do is to turn to professionals who will give you specialised advice and who will achieve the perfect balance between the aesthetic, functional and structural factors of the premises. A good design perfectly combines aesthetics and functionality, as both are essential. If something is not functional, it is useless.


If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us. Don't forget that transforming the design of your premises to the style of your business philosophy requires time and experience in many cases. Hiring a specialist interior design company such as Hoffmann Wehr can be a great idea, especially if we are looking for the best results. In our studio, we conduct a no-obligation interview with the client to try to grasp the idea, the scope of the project and as many relevant details as possible.

Before starting to work on the preliminary interior design project, we analyse in detail the sector and the business area in which it is going to be developed: the corporate image, the state of the sector, the competition, the business plan, etc.

Once we have all the data collected, we work on several design proposals until the client approves the final one. During this stage we like to advise and help our clients to achieve the proposal that best suits their business.

Our technicians then take charge of drawing up a definitive project with the utmost precision so that the economic cost can be calculated without unforeseen circumstances and the work can be carried out in a professional manner. We accompany the project with our detailed budget of the execution.

If the project management is contracted, Hoffmann Wehr takes care of everything: we assemble a customised team for the job and carry out all phases of the work in constant communication with our client. Finally, we equip, furnish and decorate the entire business premises.

At Hoffmann Wehr we can also take care of the necessary licenses, permits and certificates for the execution of the work and also for the opening of the business.

We look forward to hearing about your project!