Home design: Integrating interior and exterior
September 2021

Home design: Integrating interior and exterior

Do you think your home suits your needs? We like to say that our life is only as good as our home, because of the direct relationship between how we feel in our home and how happy we are.


The feeling of fresh air, of connection with the outdoors is essential to our well-being.  That is why, as architects and interior designers, we believe it is the responsibility of our industry to build and decorate homes with people's health and wellbeing in mind, enabling our clients to achieve the home that allows them to pursue all their dreams.


Integrating the interior and exterior of a home, as well as adding architectural value, makes our home more comfortable. From Hoffmann Wehr, our Architecture and Interior Design studio located in Jávea, we want to deepen the concept of integrating interior and exterior in our renovation projects or in new construction of detached houses, villas or flats, and for this there are certain tools:


Light: Light is one of the basic and key points in all our house designs. Lighting exterior spaces correctly will help us to achieve a perfect harmony in our home and help us to relax. Always taking into account that they do not attract mosquitoes and other types of insects.


Colours: Taking advantage of the exterior elements visible from the interior, and decorating in harmony will provide us with more harmonious and ample spaces. A view of a well-designed garden or a well-decorated patio makes us feel much more in harmony with our home.

Lighting and colour have a direct influence on mood, so don't take this as a minor issue when renovating your home!


Nature: Of course, when we talk about exteriors, we must mention the main element of these spaces: nature. We are not just talking about putting some plants, but about taking advantage of the properties of the climate, and vegetation to provide comfort.


Some tips for gardens:

The garden is part of any building committed to sustainability to take advantage of all the benefits it brings, and that should be contemplated both in new works and in an integral reform of housing that is heading towards this commitment to sustainability. Benefits such as:

The temperature control of the building, as the plants help with the absorption of radiation contributing to the reduction of temperature, especially in areas where the sun gives full sun. This helps to reduce the need for the activation of air conditioning systems and reduces energy losses.

It improves air quality, as plants help to purify the environment by absorbing CO2 and producing oxygen. Having a garden full of nature improves health problems, especially respiratory problems caused by pollution.


The garden is the best eco-friendly investment with immediate benefits for our economy, health and well-being. A real improvement in the quality of our lives.


Some tips for terraces or patios:

The terrace is another form of outdoor space that we can have in our homes, and although it usually has more modest dimensions than gardens, much can be made of them. Going out onto the terrace for a few moments to feel the air and observe the world is a real escape valve, but what else does a terrace have to offer?

With a terrace or patio renovation, you can enlarge the space in your home if you know how to make the most of it and adapt the space in the best possible way according to your groups and your way of living, and it can even help you save energy! If the terrace is well conditioned with cooling plants and suitable materials, it will help the temperature in the house to cool down on hot days. Even the use of awnings can reduce the temperature in your home by a large amount.

Some interesting inspirations for the decoration and reform of terraces could be to use neutral tones with strong colour details that allow a contrast in our home, use rustic elements Ibiza - modern style, create a chill out.... Or even use the space to install a living room or dining room for our summer evenings.


Every home has different outdoor spaces and not all spaces are treated the same.  The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in your space, both indoors and outdoors, so the best thing to do is to personalise it. Our Interior and Exterior Architecture and Design studio located on the Costa Blanca, can turn these special spaces into your own private paradise and help you with the development of your exterior design, whether it is a major construction site - large villas or small terraces. We give you ideas to find your own style and fill any outdoor corner with magic and relaxation.


And don't forget, to have a good life, you have to start with a quality home.