« BackWe advice in aspects of urbanism in the purchase and construction of real estate properties

We are talking about a very important issue in the entire process of buying, building or renovating a real estate property: the urban situation of a property or land.

In a decision as important as the purchase of land or a property or its construction or refurbishment, several aspects should be studied before making decisions.

On the one hand, we recommend reviewing with a lawyer the legal situation of the property and on the other hand, knowing in terms of urban development the situation of a land or property before its purchase or before carrying out any construction work.

Knowing the urban situation in advance gives us important information about the situation of possible urban planning burdens or infractions that must be corrected if they exist.

Will it be necessary to finish infrastructure works that can be cession of road to the city council, urbanization of the street, realization of sidewalk, underground laying of lines and supply pipes?

This is important information that influences the expenses of a project and it is necessary to know them in order to integrate them into the project budget and to have economic and financial security for it.

We recommend checking with the providers of electricity, water and telecommunications supply the current situation of the corresponding service and its supply so as not to be surprised when it comes to wanting to use them.

Within our services in project management, we carry out these works and procedures so that your construction project - be it construction, expansion or refurbishment - is at all times a predictable project.


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